I have had surprisingly little content to post the past few days! That’s not good- I was looking forward to the summer because I thought I’d have more. Oh well, it’s only the beginning.

Boring post about my life today! I haven’t done much yet this summer. An average day is mostly just summer homework and not much else. I have done some other things, including:

-Obsessive reading of webcomics

-Obsessive following of said webcomics

-Integrating myself into the fan base of said webcomics


-Bike rides


-More obsessive webcomic-reading
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Hello, World!

Yay first post!

We’re off on a sure-to-be-great blogging adventure.

My goals for this blog: Post photos, writing, and other things about all the things I love. From music, to skiing, to skating, to crochet, to photography, I’d like to put it all here.

Let’s get this thing started.