The snow was perfect this day, when we wove our way through secluded trees in Keystone. For every inch of snow our skis crushed, another inch was floating through the air and settling over our tracks.

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Start of a Season

6 inches of powder on ungroomed trails, miles of winding paths to follow, untracked snowfields lying in wait, thousands of vertical feet to be accumulated. Sparkling snow caught by the sun as it falls steadily from low-lying clouds. Sunny and snowing. Powdery and soft. Cold but windless. Just about the perfect start to the season.
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The din of an airplane is muffled by the encompassing darkness. You can’t tell where the ground ends and the sky starts. Pinpricks of light on the ground are as scattered as the stars in the sky, and it feels like you’re sweeping through pure, empty space. A few minutes later, as the moon rises higher, a wrinkled mountain range is visible, illuminated by soft white moonlight. Pure wilderness surrounds isolated homes, on slopes and white-crested peaks. It’s silently, desperately beautiful.  

Few headlights fly past on the lone highway. Sloping mountains are barely lit in the blackness of night by the moonlight. Everything is hidden from sight, blanketed under the dark sky. It’s up to the imagination what it looks like.

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Autumn is for Quiet Days

Autumn is for quiet days

With headphones in, acoustic afternoons

With a note for each leaf that flutters from the trees,

For sweaters that comfort from the chilled winds,

For slow sips of warm tea

With hints of orange and nutmeg.

Autumn is for long poems

With mesmerizing images and shimmering words,

For dusty sunbeams

That flicker between golden trees,

For the contrast of gray mornings

And bright leaves.

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Taking the Days One at a Time

Hi all.

Just wanted to put it out there that I’m going through some hard things right now with school and family. It’s making things harder than they need to be and I need some time to work through what’s happening.

I don’t know how long it will be before things are back to normal. For now, at least, my priority is to keep working my way through each day and each week, and take things as they come. I have a distinct lack of time to do things I enjoy right now, so posts will likely be extremely intermittent if not completely nonexistent for a while. I’ll just keep taking the days one at a time, and eventually, things will get easier.