The snow was perfect this day, when we wove our way through secluded trees in Keystone. For every inch of snow our skis crushed, another inch was floating through the air and settling over our tracks.

Been a while, wow.

Ski season’s basically over now, and I’ve just been accumulating (heh, like the snow) photos from some of the nicest days this season. There’s been a lot of great ones- I had to make sure I made up for everything I missed last season. Other than those ski trips, though, it’s been a mundane start to the year. School’s been busy, I haven’t had time for much of anything I enjoy. It’s almost over now and soon summer trips will ensue.

For now, I’ll reminisce with snow filled memories as a strangely-late snowstorm blows through and I’m stuck inside.

Image 3-24-17 at 5.10 PM

Image 3-24-17 at 5.10 PM (1)

Image 3-24-17 at 5.11 PM

I’d give anything right now to be back in those trees, swerving between trunks while the snow fell and there wasn’t another soul in sight.



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