Autumn is for Quiet Days

Autumn is for quiet days

With headphones in, acoustic afternoons

With a note for each leaf that flutters from the trees,

For sweaters that comfort from the chilled winds,

For slow sips of warm tea

With hints of orange and nutmeg.

Autumn is for long poems

With mesmerizing images and shimmering words,

For dusty sunbeams

That flicker between golden trees,

For the contrast of gray mornings

And bright leaves.

Autumn is for laughing friends

Huddled around a sparking campfire,

For frozen mountain nights

With stars in the crystal sky,

For unison song that echoes off valley walls.

Autumn is for weathered books

With leathery covers and wrinkled pages,

For stories bigger than life,

And for memories that will sparkle with autumn colors

Long into cold, bleak winter months.

A rather un-original poem I wrote after a day trip to a farm a week ago. A rather stereotypical autumn activity- but I can’t deny the simple pleasure that comes from it. I don’t think I could ever get enough of the colors, the cooler air, or the crunch of fallen leaves under my feet. So yes, it may be cliche to like autumn so much- but I don’t really care. Rather than mocking the cultural obsession with this time of year, why not join in and enjoy it?



I’m tempted, however, to just ignore the autumn beauty and jump right into ski season- Arapahoe Basin opened last week! It’s so tempting to know I could go up and hit the slopes any time now, regardless of snow conditions. I’m so ready to get in a full season this year after my season last year was cut disappointingly short.

In other news, the past few weeks have been busy and stressful, but things seem to be returning to normal and my insane October schedule appears to even out coming into November. Thank goodness. School is as busy as ever but other things have calmed down a bit, which means I have time for things like skiing and afternoon excursions to farms. It’s a nice change of pace.



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