Late Summer Blooms

Dragoons, I tell you the white hydrangeas
turn rust and go soon.
Already mid September a line of brown runs
over them.
One sunset after another tracks the faces, the
Waiting, they look over the fence for what
way they go.

~Carl Sandburg

For me, summer is effectively over. It’s close enough to fall anyways, just a few weeks away. I’m back in school and there’s no time for anything fun anymore. I did, however, find some photos of some summer flowers that make it seem a bit like it’s still the middle of summer… which, according to the weather, it still is- why is it 90 degrees in September?

These photos are from my trip to the Cape over the summer. I completely forgot I had them- but now that I’ve found them, I think the colors make them some of my favorites.

Image 9-3-16 at 2.36 PM

I love hydrangeas, especially the colors and the way their petals catch the evening light. Sadly, they don’t grow well here, so I have to rely on the photos I took to see them here.

I also like the way the white of the daisies stands out against the dark green leaves.

Image 9-3-16 at 2.47 PM (1)

A little ladybug decided it could take a moment for a photo before flying off again.

Image 9-3-16 at 2.47 PM



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