An original poem I wrote a while ago. I really like this one.



Hands poised delicately

brushing the keys,

gripping the pen.
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“Let’s Hike… That One!”

We stood in the meadow, surveying our surroundings. Short shrubs brushed our ankles, taller aspens stood proudly around the edge of the meadow. Our tent rustled behind us in the slight breeze, and the bright sun cast a warm glow over everything around. And, of course, we were focused on the looming peaks that surrounded  the area. We were looking for an adventure, a summit, a goal.

Slowly turning, we examined each visible peak. “Too short”, “not steep enough”, and “it doesn’t even go above treeline!” were some of our critical comments. ┬áThere was one, however, that stood above the rest- its steep, conical peak loomed in the distance and it was bare of any trees for hundreds of feet. There was a small structure at the top, too far to discern what it was. It was perfect. And so, our goal was set by a simple exclamation of:

“Let’s hike… That one!”
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