Cape Cod

A lovely week of soft sand, long beaches, and adorable ocean towns.

I’ve always loved taking trips to the Cape. I absolutely adore the summery, beachy atmosphere-even when I visit in the snowy winter. We went to some of my favorite places and I took some photos that I really like. It was a wonderful (and much-needed) vacation.

Image 7-17-16 at 5.13 PM

The first night pretty much defined my perfect night on the Cape. Dinner at a cafe by the harbor, where you can walk down on the rocks and watch the boats come in for the day.

Then, a walk down the beach across the harbor. We watched the sun set over the water, which was lovely.

Image 7-17-16 at 5.17 PM

Image 7-17-16 at 5.18 PM

Nothing better than a walk down a calm, empty beach as the sun casts pink and orange hues across the sky and water.

And after, of course, ice cream from my favorite ice cream place. It was necessary- we were there, it was warm, perfect reasons for ice cream.

The next day was nearly as perfect, when we took a quick drive to Orleans, where we went to my favorite beach. It’s on the Atlantic side, not the bay side, which means huge waves and stunning dunes. It’s a steep hike down the dunes to the beach, but completely worth it. The walk seems to discourage people, so it’s always relatively crowd-free.

Image 7-17-16 at 5.10 PM

What’s disappointing is that storms are eroding the dunes, so they’re getting smaller and smaller each year. It’s also destroying the lovely houses on the dunes overlooking the water, which is sad.

We spent the day playing in the waves and hunting for smooth rocks that washed up on the shore.

The next day was Nauset beach- One I’ve always wanted to go to but shied away from because of horror stories of massive crowds. So we got there plenty early, found a spot, and stayed for the day. It did get crowded later on, but it was better since we’d found our spot early.

Image 7-27-16 at 8.46 PM

It was basically this lifestyle for a week- home, beach. Beach, dinner. Dinner, ice cream. Or back home. It was relaxing, calming, not to mention beautiful!



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