In Boston

On our trip to Massachusetts, of course it was necessary to spend a day or two in Boston. I don’t know why, but it’s one of my favorite places to just wander through- taking in all the sights and sounds of the city. I don’t often find myself in a city so it’s really a wonderful experience to even just be there!

The night we arrived consisted of wandering the streets of the North End. We stopped for pizza at a small restaurant, and of course we couldn’t miss out on some cannolis afterwards.

I just find something fascinating about the city. The towering skyscrapers and brick buildings, the feeling of being so small in a place so very big. I like the feeling of rushing across a busy street or weaving through a crowd on the sidewalk. Watching everything unfolding in front of me. Realizing I could stop moving and everything around me would continue on, unaffected and uncaring. Taking everything in as a quiet observer. It’s intimidating, but it also gives me this strange sense of freedom and empowerment.

It’s an eye-opening experience, especially for me, who lives in a quiet and small town.


After our little exploration, we walked over towards Faneuil Hall.

I really love the history of the place as well as what it is today. I love the buildings, the cobblestone paths, and the shimmering skyscrapers rising up in the background. I definitely love morning and evening in the city most, just because of the soft light cast over everything. It was a good evening filled with everything I love about Boston.


The next morning, it was time for… College visits! It was the first time I’d visited anywhere that I wanted to visit, so it was really informative and enjoyable. We started at MIT, which has always interested me. I was so enthralled by everything that I didn’t even get photos of the lovely brick buildings- just one when the group we were with stopped for a while of the newer buildings.


Let’s just say I really, really liked it. I like the setting, the school, everything.Now there’s the matter or applying (and hoping to get accepted). Oh well, I still have two more years to make it happen.

We later went to a small Engineering school a little way south, called Olin. I also really liked this one, and it was hard to say which I liked better- they were both great and very, very different from each other. But both options are definitely now on my interest list. 🙂

And hey, both are near Boston, which is definitely a plus.



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