Emerald Lake (and Views)

Yet another adventure! (yes, it was last week, I’m a bit late in adding photos, oh well.) This time it was off to Rocky Mountain National Park for camping, hikes, and lakes. Not to mention the fabulous views, shining water, and majestic peaks against the backdrop of the sky.

This photo is of the waterfall of a favorite trail of mine.
Image 7-6-16 at 3.47 PM

Of course, the first order of business upon our arrival was to explore! We wandered  (okay, more like climbed) up the mountain behind our site. Our final destination was a rock outcropping near the top, where we had a stunning view of the meadows and valley below us. Almost 360-degree views and the dusty light from the sun setting mad it all better. More practice with my new wide angle lens for my phone. Definitely more convenient for scrambling up the side of a mountain to just throw the tiny lenses into my bag for use at the top.

Image 7-7-16 at 4.18 PM

That was a really nice view. The hike down was tough because of all the loose gravel and lack of trail. 🙂

We got up early the next day to take a day hike in the park. It was super crowded so we searched out a lesser-known trail to hike. We ended up stopping by three different lakes, and there was less and less of a crowd at each one, which was nice.

Image 7-7-16 at 4.23 PM

This is the first one, Nymph lake. It was pretty nice, but we didn’t stop for long because we were eager to get to the top. It made for a decent photo, though.


The hike was filled with picturesque streams, majestic views, and stunning lakes.

The second lake we came to was called Dream lake. Fitting name- the mountains rising behind it made it look like something out of a dream. The only thing I wished for was still waters for some lovely pictures, but they turned out well even with the slight breeze creating ripples. Image 7-7-16 at 5.08 PM

It was all quite stunning. but nothing could ever top the lake at the top, called Emerald Lake. It was another half mile up the trail, and then, the trail just ended. It went up to the rocks by the shore and just stopped. But honestly, after seeing this, I don’t think there was any need to go anywhere else. It was incredible.

Image 7-6-16 at 3.42 PM

I mean, wow.

We picked our way around the shore to a nice flat rock that sloped into the water to stop for lunch. The water was freezing, because it’s all just snowmelt from the peaks. You couldn’t touch the water for too long at once, or else you’d feel the ache from the cold spreading through your joints. It was so. so. awesome.

Image 7-7-16 at 5.15 PM

Definitely one of the best hike destinations I’ve ever been to. I’ll definitely go again.




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