Pikes Peak

So, another part of my camping trip with my friends was a drive up to the top of Pikes Peak. Despite living here for 12 years, I’d never been. It was really cool!


We made it to the peak just as a storm was rolling in. The best part was being able to watch lightning striking below you. Even so, on our way up, one of my friends fell asleep. It was worth her reaction when she woke up, though. Her first comment when she looked out the window was “why are we in the sky?”  Rather entertaining for everyone else in the car, but likely a bit worrisome for her. 🙂 Some of the turns up there were really sketchy- All you see is the road disappearing behind the mountain, and then it stops- just a clear line between road and sky.

It was so cool to get to see the rain coming in over the valley(s) below us. Though it did get really, really cold.

Image 6-23-16 at 7.40 PM

I tried to get some photos as we drove down and descended back into the rain. Torrential rain and lightning as you drive down a sketchy mountain road are not optimal driving conditions, but we made it down without incident. And it looked nice. So bonus. 🙂

And wow, I really need to set up a posting schedule or something so I don’t accidentally neglect my blog despite all the stuff I’m doing!



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