I have had surprisingly little content to post the past few days! That’s not good- I was looking forward to the summer because I thought I’d have more. Oh well, it’s only the beginning.

Boring post about my life today! I haven’t done much yet this summer. An average day is mostly just summer homework and not much else. I have done some other things, including:

-Obsessive reading of webcomics

-Obsessive following of said webcomics

-Integrating myself into the fan base of said webcomics


-Bike rides


-More obsessive webcomic-reading

I’m mildly ashamed of the extent to which I follow this webcomic. Yes, by webcomics, I mean one webcomic. But it’s a good one, okay?

It’s called Stand Still Stay Silent, written and drawn by Minna Sundberg. It’s beautiful and I love it so much and I’m only a little obsessed with it (actually, if you ask anyone I’ve interacted with since I was told of this comic, I’m a LOT obsessed). But my obsession is beside the point. The art is incredible, the plot is interesting, the characters are wonderful. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Other than that, I’ve biked a lot. Oh, and I’ve started my off-ice training for skating agin, which is exhausting. I’m sure it’ll be worth it soon, but right now, I dread having to *shudders* exercise. liked being a lazy potato.

Hmm… what else? I’m off to go camping this weekend with some friends, which is sure to be fun. Hopefully I’ll have some cool photos, though no promises. I may or may not have the energy to go on a hike or anything in search of flowers and landscapes after training today. It’ll be good to go outside and do stuff anyways.

I also have baked a lot, which isn’t usually a pastime of mine. But what’s great about it is I can say, “Well, I really want some cookies” and then poof! I have cookies! I very much approve of this system. I made the most delicious (and incredibly easy) Nutella cupcakes the other day, and they were incredible. Maybe I’ll post the recipe because I want to be able to make them again. And they were Nutella flavored, which just makes everything better.

So basically, my life at this point is a strange balance of oh hey I’m gonna go be a good person and exercise and hmm I really want sugar-food and to sit and read webcomics.  I’m not complaining about it, though… yet. I keep telling myself I’ll get it together soon.



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