Wildflowers and A Hike


A lovely sunny day for a hike. Not to mention the beautiful wildflowers in bloom.

So, today I went on a hike in Boulder with my… friend… and his family. (I know he’ll probably read this, haha. If it’s you reading this, hi! I posted the photos like I said I would. Look at me, being a responsible person.)

After my struggles at off-ice training yesterday, it was a bit (okay, a lot) more tiring than it would usually be and I’ll probably regret it tomorrow. Oh well, it was fun today!

Needless to say, it was a good day. Nice weather, nice photos, it was just overall nice. Especially the flowers. I really like flowers. I realized as we would come across different ones that I used to know all the different species, but now I’m completely clueless. Oh well. The one I did know, the wild rose, I didn’t get a photo of. Go figure.


Yeah. I really like flowers, apparently. I’m hoping to get lenses for my phone camera soon (thanks for the idea, snapsbynina!!) so I can maybe get better close-ups and landscapes with the convenience of just my phone. Right now it’s a bit difficult and I don’t always like the results.

Especially the wide, open landscapes. They’re difficult sometimes… I still think some of the ones I took today came out alright.


Generally, it was a great (tiring) day. And I got some nice photos, so bonus! 😉



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