What Is Music Like?

When a piece is filled with emotion, I become quiet and contemplative, and almost adapt the emotion of the music. I wish I could express what the music made me feel, but I realize the only thing describing the feeling is the music itself.

The way the melodies rise and fall, carrying your soul upon its shimmering waves, and you float past the beautiful images your mind dreams up. As you soar through the rippling scenes, but it’s all something only you can see. And everyone will see something different. The notes tell but one story, but all the stories imaginable at the same time. The notes rise and the harmony fills in underneath it and the music grows and you inhale to take it all in while all the wonder of the lyrical music washes over you.

A song feels like the ocean. I can imagine reaching out with my fingertips, like you would skim the surface of a pool, and running my hands through the shimmering waters of a song, watching the ripples fan out from my touch and echo back eventually. The waves of sound rise up, filling more and more as it grows and the white water breaks over your head, and it pulls you under and washes you ashore before calmly motioning you back to its endless depths.

A song feels like the sky, lifting you up effortlessly on melodic wings. And you can see millions of glowing sunsets and endless blue skies or twist and turn through storms as lightning crashes down beside you. And as the wind whips by, it takes your breath with it because you can’t think to take in another one. Or, you can stop and take in the endless calm or marvel at landscapes spread out around you.

A song feels like stepping along the line of a shadow fading into the light. A song feels like balancing on the edge, that feeling of freedom and temptation to just let go. A song is like a reflection off a deep lake, showing you the deepest, most true parts of yourself. A song is a plane ride, watching everything become small and insignificant and fast-forwarding through the distances. A song is a road, worn and aged, that has seen many rainstorms and sunny days, that can take you anywhere as long as you’re willing to travel its path.

A song is an adventure, filled with joy and discovery and wonder and breathless fascination. Of new sights and sounds and things you never imagined. A song is you taking a piece of something so much larger than yourself, having a few moments where you are here and there and everywhere else. Suddenly, the song encompasses everything. From your tiny perspective, the world is in tune with the song and you feel like more than just one small human. A song  makes you feel, and it stirs up all the emotions that sit quietly, unnoticed, buried deep within you.


Or when you play music. When you yourself are breathing out the melodies that can carry the minds of others with it. When all that emotion built up by music can be released, expressed. When you lose yourself, you become part of the music, when it seems to carry itself along and pull you along eagerly behind it. When it’s not only music, but a dynamic being. When splashes of color come out and make their way to the foreground or waves of deeper sounds lift up a sparkling melody. It builds a tension in the air, telling a story that doesn’t need words or visuals. It feels like it glows with some sort of quiet energy, it’s something to be marveled at. Playing music feels like being swept up and tumbling through currents that are carrying it. Dancing through the complexity, seeing the inner workings of a song. A feeling of creating something so much larger than yourself. Music transforms. Music inspires. Music… feels.




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