Breckenridge- The Doors

A ski run at Breckenridge, tucked deep within the trees, not to be found by anyone. Well, almost anyone. 

Wait… what?

Image 4-17-16 at 6.09 PM.jpg

Yes. There’s a “secret” (well, I guess you could call it secret) ski run at Breckenridge ski resort in Colorado. Great, isn’t it? It’s not shown on trail maps. With a little bit of patience and searching, you can find this fabulous run (titled “The Doors”, likely a reference to “The Windows” nearby). Since nearly no one knows it exists, it always has the best snow. Imagine- flying trough the trees in untracked powder, no crowd around you. Whether it’s been a day or a week since the last snow, every time I’ve skied it, it’s been great.

I heard about this run as a rumor, and the next time I was at Breck, I was determined to find out if it existed (and if it did, ski it).  For most of the day, I hunted relentlessly in places I thought it could be, but with no results. I eventually ended up on a lift with one of the ski patrol, and inquired about a secret ski run called The Doors. But they said they’d never heard of it! I was discouraged- a ski patrol would surely know about any and every ski run, right? Wrong. I started asking everyone I came across and finally, one of them recognized what I was talking about and directed me there. I skied it immediately.

Up the north side of Peak 9 (off the E-chair), you can follow the main run until you hit a run called “Devil’s Crotch”. You can head down this a very short ways, and branch off into the trees near the top left in order to intersect with a run called “Mineshaft”, or you can stay on the main run until you come across Mineshaft. I  don’t really remember if Mineshaft is marked from the main run. Anyway, once on Mineshaft, if you keep to the right side on the way down, you’ll come upon the small sign shown in the photo. It’s easy to miss, and near the top, so be careful not to accidentally pass it by.

Arguably one of the hardest things I’ve skied at Breck, I’d say this run really is a hidden gem.

For extra challenge, though, you can search for another run within. It’s called “Needle’s Eye”, and I’ve never even found it. It’s apparently among the 10 hardest runs in Breckenridge, and it’s hidden in the trees in the Doors. Well, now I know what my next challenge will be once I’m back on the slopes!







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