Near Mt. Evans

There’s nothing that can top an exhilarating hike up the side of a mountain, pushing through undergrowth and following a barely-there trail. And when you finally come over that last ridge, there’s nothing like the view at the top.

One of my favorite things is hiking. Going out into the forest and going somewhere only those with the passion to get there is an incredible experience. The peace and quiet, the sprawling views at the summit. Golden aspens in the fall, rustling green pines in the summer. The crunch of snow beneath your feet in the winter and the bright bursts of color from wildflowers in the spring. I love how you can see the aspen trees as tiny specks across the green landscape, and how the valley and adjacent mountains intensify how big everything seems.

The best hikes are the ones that bring you to the very peak of a mountain. There’s something about the isolation, and an empowering feeling about having the landscape sprawling out in front of you. That dizzying feeling when you look up to the sky and feel like you’re falling into the blue. When you can spin in a circle and have a panoramic view, and have your breath taken away by the sheer grandness of everything. When there’s a sort of vertigo as you peer over a rocky cliff, marveling at just how high up you are.

These photos are from a hike I went on with a group up near Mt. Evans. It was two hours up and and an hour and a half down- but we spent much longer at the summit, enjoying the view.



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