Yarn and Things


I like yarn.

I really like yarn.

Maybe a little bit too much. But hey! Yarn is great and useful and all-around a good thing to have if you crochet, knit, etc. So I just wanted to put out some yarn places that I’ve liked and that people I know have also liked in order to start out my crochet section.

Firstly, I really enjoy Expression Fiber Arts. They have a lot of really awesome dye lots and the colors are fabulous! I have never personally purchased yarn from here, but Friends of mine have and seem to really enjoy it.

Secondly, Knit Picks has a bunch of great yarn as well. I received some of this yarn as a gift (and sadly have yet to wind it), but it’s incredibly soft and the color is great. (The prices are also surprisingly affordable!)

Both of these sources also offers patterns and things, and are overall my top two picks for yarn and yarn-related things. I just thought it might be nice to start off with these, as really, the yarn is the  foundation of any crochet project. 😉



One thought on “Yarn and Things

  1. DDragon011407 says:

    Expression Fiber Arts is amazing – their yarn is so cool! But I have to admit, KnitPicks is more cost effective 😉


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