Adam Young Scores

A recent obsession of mine has been this wonderful music called Adam Young Scores. It’s developed by Adam Young, creator of Owl City, Sky Sailing, Port Blue, and other great projects. And let me just say that it’s incredible.

The premise of the new project is to release a new “score” each month. Each one is similar to a movie score, and they’re all based on real events. The first one, released this February, is based on Apollo 11. The next one, for March, was based on the Titanic. The one released this month is called “The Spirit of St. Louis”. Each score also has incredible artwork to go with it, created by James R. Eads.

I think all three of the scores that have been released are utterly fantastic.

I find the music inspiring, moving, and completely incredible. It makes me wish I’d witnessed each of these events in person, if only to feel the euphoria created by these musical journeys. Each song paints a picture with sound. I suddenly find myself overwhelmed with a desire to choreograph a skating program to this music. These are the songs I play on repeat. I believe I could consider myself entirely obsessed.

The talent and effort required to make these is astounding, while the product of Adam’s hard work is even more unbelievable. I’d recommend listening to them. It’s definitely worth it.



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