A Snowy Day

The snow is falling and it’s looking a bit more like the middle of January than the middle of April. The bleak sky, however, is nothing a cup of tea and a good book can’t fix.

Although sometimes a sudden snow day can ruin the feeling of spring (especially since most of the newly bloomed flowers can’t handle the cold temperature), it’s a perfect opportunity to sit back and enjoy the small things.

Hmm… What do I like to do on snow days? I’ll listen to some quiet, relaxing music, or sometimes choose to instead listen to all my favorites at a somewhat-ludicrously loud volume. I’ll make tea, or hot chocolate (don’t forget the mini marshmallows!). I’ll take some time to read a favorite book, considering that I’m often too busy to devour books the way I like to. I’ll use up that fabulously soft yarn I’ve been saving for a perfect project. I’ll decide to start a blog. 😉 Maybe I’ll be artistic and try for some photos, as the clouded sky can give a great dramatic tone. And who knows? Maybe I’ll find myself so inspired as to pick up a pencil and draw (and pretend like I have at least a mediocre amount of artistic talent).

So despite the freezing temperatures and struggling flowers, I rather enjoy springtime snow days. They’re not as bad as they seem.




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